Flywheel & COVID 19

Flywheel, as a volunteer-run, community arts space, is committed to the health and safety of our patrons, artists, and volunteers. We are, like everyone else, constantly monitoring guidance from city, state and federal officials, news outlets, and health professionals on the most effective course of actions to address the spread of COVID-19. As of this past weekend, City Space, the manager of the Old Town Hall building decided to close the building to the public and its tenants. We support this decision and will make adjustments to our schedule as needed. We will work with City Space to determine when it is safe to hold events in the building again and will let you all know as soon as possible. Please check our website and social media accounts for notice of event reschedules, postponements, cancellations, etc.

The true economic impact of this pandemic will not be known for many weeks, but we are already aware that without regular income from rentals, shows, and sub-tenants, Flywheel, as well as artists, will be particularly hard hit. Our budget formula relies on these regular income streams to pay expenses such as rent, insurance, space maintenance, and programming. If these sources of funds are lost it will be difficult for us to meet these financial obligations. 

So if you are able, we would ask you to consider supporting us during this time by becoming a member or making a one time donation to offset the loss of this closure. If you were planning on attending a show, perhaps donate that amount. Every amount helps. We will also be discussing various additional ideas (virtual shows, fundraisers, etc.) in the coming days and let you know about those.

Volunteers, artists, show goers, tenants, renters, and donors are the reason we have survived these past 20 years. Flywheel’s impact in the community can be seen whenever we reach out for support and it arrives in spades. Flywheel has survived many crises over the years and with your help, we will survive this one together.