Interested in having your band play at Flywheel? Please read our booking process below before contacting us!

Flywheel’s Booking Process

1. Volunteering at Flywheel is a great way to play! In exchange for a minimal time commitment, helping to promote and sustain Flywheel through volunteering (this ranges from staffing the door at a show – to grant writing), you can utilize Flywheel’s resources without having to rely on someone else to make it happen! It’s putting the DIY values of Flywheel into practice – anyone can make something happen at Flywheel with a little energy and motivation. As a volunteer or booker, you can get access to the calendar, and book your band or others at will.

We want to help out the local art and music scene as much as we can by hosting shows, but we need volunteers in order to make that happen, so become a volunteer and everybody wins! If you’re local, volunteering is the BEST way to guarantee that your band will be booked at Flywheel. Contact us at ( for more information on getting involved.

2. We are not a nightclub or a bar, but a volunteer-run not-for-profit booking collective. This means that we can only host shows if we have volunteers to staff them – an open date on our calendar does not guarantee that we can do a show that night. Keep these factors in mind when approaching us about a particular date.

3. All shows are all ages & cost $15 or less. To make shows accessible to all, we encourage tickets to be less than $15, or for the door to use a sliding scale. We do not give bands guarantees, so please don’t ask. Band earnings generally come from the door, and our standard arrangement is 65% of the door money going directly to bands. As a non-profit, the 35% to Flywheel goes directly back into our rent to keep Flywheel open, and everyone running shows is volunteering for free!

4. Flywheel is alcohol/drug/jerk-free. We depend on our venue hosts & the surrounding community to stay open. We don’t want to jeopardize our relationships over someone’s antics. Bringing alcohol or drugs to our events will result in your band not being permitted to play Flywheel in the future.

Bookers will also not tolerate alcohol, drugs, or bullying at Flywheel events. If your band incites or encourages any of this behavior, bookers WILL put an end to the show, even in the middle of a set.

If you are in the audience at a Flywheel show and are facing any bullying or rough-housing at a show, please alert a Flywheel volunteer at the sound booth, or door. They can help mediate the conflict and put an end to it.

5. Be patient with us! With a limited number of regular volunteers we can’t book everyone who writes to us. Please try to give us at least a month and a half’s notice before the date you’re looking to play. Additionally, we’re all volunteers with limited time, which means that sometimes it can take awhile to respond to every request we get. One email is sufficient – please don’t “check back” repeatedly about the same date if you haven’t heard from us yet.

If you’ve read all of that & are still interested in playing Flywheel, contact us at

Do NOT try to book through Facebook messaging please.