recs from the collec(tive) #2

just some stuff we’ve been digging, in no particular order (second edition — check out the first printing here!)


Joe has been eating delicious High Lawn Farms cheese delivered to his neighborhood by the Sunderland Farm Collaborative while listening to Enon for energy and Eno for calm. // joe

TEENAGE BLOB, a new album/video game split from Team Lazerbeam and the Superweaks that seems super cool. Mars from Aye Nako does a really awesome playthrough. //dianne

i’ve been spending time on the nonstandard mcdonalds page and listening to 70s Bob Dylan… what does it mean…. anyway if you don’t yet buy books from Massive Bookshop change your ways! //charlotte

I definitely recommend Lil Nas X’s “Call Me By Your Name”, but I might be biased as a Christian-raised blasphemous queer. 🙂 //april

We celebrated a certain Flywheel collective member’s birthday by watching Sound of Noise, a Swedish movie from 2010 about a group of anarchist terrorists percussionists. In related news, I have a proposal for a new collective model. “This is a gig! Everybody keep calm! Move! We don’t want to hurt anyone! We’re only here for the music! You are our audience! Sit down, listen, and nobody will get hurt!” //david

Currently digesting the recent double-barreled gold from Mal Devisa, Wisdom Teeth and Pineapples at Dawn, released in March and April respectively. Mal continues to play with genre and form, blending elements of soul, hip-hop, electronica, rock and funk.

Also finally got around to listening to the s/t from Coriky, which came out last year and sounds great. BTW, did you know that coriky is a dice game that Fugazi learned about and spread around the punk underground in the 90s? True story: some punk hand wrote the directions down for me once and I still have them. //jeremy

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