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Thursday, September 1, 2022

5:30pm  $Free

Landowner takes inspiration from the repetition of Lungfish, the clean guitars of Antelope, the crusty d-beat of Discharge, the right angles of Devo, and the intensity of Rites of Spring; and combines it with cutting, sometimes funny, lyrics that tackle heady subjects like redlining, sexism, politicians, masculinity, the environment, housing, and architecture. One of Western Mass' best current local punk bands. Read our interview with lead singer Dan Shaw here: https://flywheelarts.org/2021/03/14/conversation-with-a-band/
Pop-laden hooks driven by primary singer songwriter Lesa Bezo. Backed by 'Hamp scensters Henning Ohlenbusch, Brian Marchese, Max Germer, and Ken Maiuri.
Seattle, Washington's Advertisement masterfully reimagine what guitar dominated music can accomplish -- intentionally pushing at the boundaries of what a rock band could or should be. NME called their LP American Advertisement “one of the best debut albums to come out of the US in 2020”

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