#ValleyGivingTuesday 2018

Hello Flywheel Friends,

Please consider donating to Flywheel this #ValleyGivingTuesday, Tuesday November 29, a Valley-wide day of giving for local non-profit organizations.

Flywheel depends on the generous contributions of people like YOU to continue our mission to showcase underrepresented music and art that is accessible to everyone. Donations are essential to our survival and show that you support what we do. Plus, it’s tax deductible!

Unlike large, established, non-profits, Flywheel does not rely on support from foundations, huge fundraisers, or wealthy benefactors. Small donations of $25, $75, $150 come from regular ol’ folks like you who love what Flywheel does. So if you have anything to spare, we will make sure to put it to good use. Thank you!

Donate here