Flywheel Comics Fest!

2018 Flywheel Comics Fest Flyer

Flywheel Comics Fest is an awesome day of comics, art, and possibly other nerdy things! Local (and beyond!) artists will be tabling on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 from 11am – 4pm, so stop by and check it out! Our tablers include:

  • Chris Collins Creative (Nonsense Thoughts, Paranormal Petunia, and In The Depths)
  • Anne Thalheimer (booty, my monster hat)
  • Pat Nietupski (Legends of Fomora/Goats Head Studios)
  • TopatoCo
  • KC Green (Gunshow, Back)
  • Jenny McKeon and Alex Chautin
  • Allison Bannister and Tom O’Brien
  • Tom Pappalardo
  • Left By Nine
  • Natania Nunubiznez (In This Life Comics)
  • Ben Fitts (The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine)
  • Ian Reed (Party Ghost Comics)
  • Alex White
  • Mia Diers
  • Aria Linz (KeybladeMermaiden (crafts)/Purple Demon Cosplay)
  • Sarah King
  • Grace Desmarais Illustration
  • Althea Keaton (From the Heart / Existence Stories)
  • Niko Guardia (Image/Boom/Black Mask)
  • Shawn Prairie (Groundman Comics)
  • Tanner Ogle (“The Cross The Mother” )
  • Benjamin Spencer (Item X)
  • Tommi Parish
  • Keane Lowell (comic_kibble Art)
  • Miki Desabrais
  • Elise Smorczewski and Megan Turner
  • Filipa Estrela (FeltMythical)
  • Rabbitfish Studios
  • Bee (Mossy Bee)
  • Joey Carlino (Robospunk Comics, Spunky Buttons)
  • Alex Hoey (Battlecry Press)
  • PatrICIO

Check out our Facebook event here:

Interested in tabling? We still have tables available! Although the focus is on comics, other art-related and/or nerdy things, including prints, games, etc are also welcome. If you’re interested in tabling, the form to sign up (with info about table sizes and rates) is here: