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The Annual Flywheel Record Fair is Here!

Join us April 27 from 10AM-3PM for the Annual Flywheel Record Fair!. There will be more than 25 local vendors selling records, from LPs to 45s, CDs and tapes, plus music memorabilia. If you missed out on Record Store Day, this is a great opportunity to support a local records vendor. 

This event is also a fundraiser for the Flywheel Arts Collective. Celebrate and support Flywheel as it enters its 15th year as a non-profit organization in the Valley!  

4/18: Benefit Concert for Skill Set: A New Retreat for 20-24 year olds


A benefit concert to support SKILL SET: a new retreat for 20-24 year olds is happening FRIDAY, APRIL 18th // 9:30pm // $12

 Bands performing are:

WET from Brooklyn, NY

MAL DEVISA from Western Mass

WYDYDE from Western Mass

Skill Set is a new retreat for 20-24 year olds at the Rowe Center taking place between June 8th and 14th, 2014. Skill Set is a program for people in transition between adolescence and adulthood. We'll be working on personal growth and community building, emphasizing the vital skills of listening, leadership, and critical self-reflection. As we work on big questions about career, family, identity, and social change, we'll also be sharing experiences as cooks, carpenters, and wilderness explorers. Participants will gain new skills, insights about themselves, and new visions for their lives, communities, and societies.


Come out for a night of great art performances! A series of performance artists will share their work.

Title: brown gyrls apogee
* A short erotic performance piece choreographed and produced by Nina Yagual & Tosca Ophelia Drum. This is about a person who falls asleep for three years and the dance monsters come out to play. Are you curious?

Title: In Fallow Hearts
*A dance poetry about one gyrls yearning for a prayer that comes from hir heart. With fallow fields ze is carried by songs through long nights. Surrounded by the voices of hir family ze destroys the king of hir torah, and writes hir own br'cha-blessing. A performance by Ally Bells

Title: Eccentric Performance with Jolti the Clown
*Presented by Dagen Julty

Alison Beth Levy will be gracing us with astrology readings!!
*handmade art and clothing for sale
* Zines 
* live music- to be updated

A benefit show: 35% of the proceeds will go to the Flywheel arts collective and remainder will fund a trip to South America to study indigenous rights and social justice. With the intentions to provide nutritious food, computers, up to date books, clothing, etc. to under-resourced prisons in Ecuador.

Sliding scale of $5-$20 is appreciated but NOT REQUIRED FOR ENTRY 



Saturday, April 5, Banditas, Fancy Trash, Byron Coley, and Saturday will be playing a great show in support of Letha and Dan Melchior. Letha has been battling cancer, and proceeds are going to the family in support.

 Vegetarian and meaty delights will be served! 


April 5 2014
Flywheel Arts Collective
43 Main Street
Easthampton, MA 

March 28: The 6th Annual Kiss n' Tell Ball

Community Action Youth Program is hosting it's 6th Annual Kiss 'n' Tell Ball on Friday, March 28 at Flywheel. With live performances by Crystal Foxx and Jay Moves, LGBTQ youth ages 12-21 are invited to enjoy a night of fun and dance! It's FREE ADMISSION!

 For more infomation, contact Kat Newman at or 413-774-7028 x5.

Kiss 'n' Tell Ball

March 28, 7pm-10pm

@ Flywheel Arts Collective

43 Main Street

Easthampton, MA 01027 

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Flywheel, a collectively run, not-for-profit space, aims to build community and give artists of all types the opportunity to craft, practice, and perform their work in an environment where creativity is valued over profit. Volunteer-run and governed by consensus, Flywheel believes that art and information should be equally accessible and affordable to all people. The all-ages, alcohol- and drug-free space features a cafe, zine library, performance space, and an art gallery. LEARN MORE ABOUT FLYWHEEL.

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April 24, 2014


Flywheel Zine Committee work-party potluck

Help us catalog our zine collection. Bring a laptop and a dish to share.

April 25, 2014

A Benefit/Book Drive for those who are incarcerated featuring musical performances from:


wmass psychpunk


holyoke mayhem


the musical genius of sean durham.


the best. wmass noise.

A Benefit show/Book Drive!!! Please bring a SOFTCOVER book (or two or three or more) for a reduced cover charge at the door. Proceeds go to packing materials and books will be sent off to our fellow humans beings that are imprisoned. Literacy is important--especially to those who are dis-empowered by the state. Here is a list of preferred donation materials (taken from the former Prison Book Project): Dictionaries (English and Spanish/English) Fantasy and science fiction Westerns Mysteries African-American, Latino American, and Native-American fiction, history, and studies Gay, bisexual, and transgender fiction, history, and studies Buddhism, Paganism, and Wicca Yoga and meditation How to and repair manuals (automotive, carpentry, electric, HVAC) How to draw and paint Word games: crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku, etc. Support Punk Support Prisoners Support Literacy

April 27, 2014

10am-3pm Free

Flywheel Record Fair

There will be 25+ vendors selling a wide variety of lp's, 45's, cd's, and music memorabilia. This event is a fundraiser for the Flywheel Arts Collective

May 1, 2014

8 pm $5 - 7


Belligerent Industrial Legends from Harrisonburg, Virginia

Anthro Rex and the Buzzin Dozen

Sangre y Tierra

Gods Wisdom

The Grudges

May 2, 2014


wmass punx!!!


new band from boston with membs of Daniel Striped Tiger and Dweller on the Threshold.


members of aerosols and wasteland.


new punk from CT. Members of Dead Uncles and Snot Rocket.

May 3, 2014

10am-4pm free


Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2014 is happening! Organized by the Flywheel Arts Collective Zine Library Committee, this all-day event will feature zinesters and organizations from in, around, and beyond the Pioneer Valley. Quarter, half, and full table reservations for zinesters and organizations can be made through our reservation form (email or visit the PVZF Facebook page). Zine-making and collaboration workshops will also be held. Attendance is free! In addition, this year's Pioneer Valley Zine Fest will be a part of Flywheel's 15th anniversary as a DIY music venue and arts collective (read: birthday cake). Questions, comments, concerns? Email Check our FB and event page for upcoming updates!

PVZF Facebook

May 6, 2014

8pm $5-8

California X

Sea of Storms

super-catchy poppy post-hardcore, on tour from Richmond.


hometown specimens of darkness playing melodic punk.

Mold Spores

new wmass via cape cod transplants.

May 10, 2014

3:00-9 p.m.

EHS Arts Festival: Happening throughout the Old Town Hall. Visual Arts, Performance, and more!

May 11, 2014

10 a.m. to 12 noon

Devotional Gathering THE PUBLIC IS INVITED to join us for prayers, meditations and poetry from a variety of philosophers and faith traditions. Sponsored by the Bahá'ís of Northampton and Easthampton. For more information, please visit

May 14, 2014


Flywheel General Body Meeting

All are welcome.

May 15, 2014

Half a Girl Comedy

Release party for comedy group website

May 17, 2014

8:00pm $12

Michael Hurley

Rare appearance by one of the folk revival's last true originals. Not to be missed!

Frozen Corn

Local beards (minus one) with an eye towards the old, the weird and the American.

Advance tickets are available via PayPal for $12 plus a .75˘ service fee.

Tickets will not be mailed. Your name will appear on a list the night of the show

May 21, 2014

7pm $7


May 22, 2014

7:30 6$


Rat Bastard


May 28, 2014


Photo-collage Workshop with Stacy Waldman

June 7, 2014


Parashi-Belltonesuicide duo

June 15, 2014

8pm $6

Hot Dirt

Crown Larks

Black Sky


June 20, 2014

7pm $8


songs that envelope and overtake the listener, with clear and urgent vocals that swell with delay, blasts of noise and reservoirs of reverb to create some of the best and exciting music being made today. Haunting and striking, melodic and inviting, driving and innovative, these are songs that stay with you, these are songs you will remember.


The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile: haunted by grave, aberrant definitions of post punk and rock n' roll and what it ultimately means for the Superego to be blitzed by the Id. The DIRT TRIP single wields a heavy creep-beat that cleans your dusty clock and takes you for a bourbon afterwards; its slide guitar and echoplex'd vocals trail bloodthirsty sultans into synesthetic merriment.


A New project from the minds of Moloney, Langellotti, Russell.


The brainchild of Will K. and Andrew J. A tumultuous, boundary-pushing sonic purveyor to satiate the constant hunger for new brutality. A true hardcore debut. This special performance features a full live band.


c. dooley and friends. classic wmass noise.

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