Thursday, July 7, 2022

5:30pm-8:00pm  FREE

If there is a spirit in the jazz chorus, that fuses with the intention of the beat loop, flung's loop based arrangement releases a terrifying freedom within that platform to unlock the power of both. from the improvised moments on the keys, to the pulling, noisy grooves that 4/4 beat you into a pocket - flung is pure moment. all the emotional grounding of house, with all the intent of jazz changes undercut with a deep sense of harmony and movement.

blue toed is a sample based explorer, consistently brushing with the heart of dance/moving the core of their tracks from the kick, to the synth lead, to the afterimage of the harmony- with the intent of drawing listeners into engrossing polyrhythms, the vocals that overtone their work reinforce a fresh intimacy that reassures the otherworldliness of his arrangements: a mosaic, a changing shifting image rotating slowly, and changing color, inviting interaction.

black anxt, claustrophobic beats, bite sized ballads, performance art.

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