recs from the collec(tive)

just some stuff we’ve been digging, in no particular order.

Lately I’ve been stoked on Can’t Remember, Can’t Forget by WMass’ own power pop powerhouses (featuring multiple super sweet flywheel volunteers!), Nanny. I’m always stoked on MA power pop/punk pop bands, and Nanny has made some of my overall favorite music to date in the genre, even regardless of geography. After years as a band, Nanny have finally put out a full length album, and I’m going to be recommending it to everyone until the end of time! // james
Western Mass. should probably have its own Nick Cave. These bros would have been in the running once, but it sounds like they have actually gotten a little peppier in the 20 years since I last heard them. Not bad, tho. // dave
toward the beginning of lockdown I found some sweet release in jumping around to the the editrix jam “She Wants to Go & Party”. And coincidentally, last month the trio released a new single called “the history of dance”… just in time to feel like there may be a future of dance. // charlotte
Of course because of the extensive interview I did with Dan Shaw of Landowner this month, I’ve been listening to them a lot. Mostly Blatant and Consultant, their latest. “Phantom Vibration” on Consultant is a fav right now. Also, I’m always trying to hip people to the music of Jason Ribadeneyra  He has changed monikers (Exit Mentality, 2600, End All Cure All, Free Country) and locations (Palmer, Brooklyn, L.A.) over the past 20 years, but has put out consistently heartfelt, downbeat, intimate acoustic bedroom jams. Check out Songs With Strings which showcases his fuller band/electronica experiments and his newest, The Life of Riley  for a more intimate folky vibe. // jeremy
kawaguchi masami’s new rock syndicate & kryssi battalene is a collaboration between the long running  japanese psych rock group and western mass transplant kryssi battalene from headroom & mountain movers. the album varies between psych rock and experimental rock, it’s quite a listening experience. // chris
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